Broadside of the Month Club!


Charles Bukowski
3 more by Bukowski
be cool fool
Our Bones
I Shot the Cat

The Word
fencing with the shadows
Body Slam
Let's Have Some Fun
A Consistent Sort

Billy Childish
the damned at the marque summer 77
Deaths Head Moth
The lady Who Ate Vomit
(+ more to be listed)

Harold Norse
I am in the Hub of the Fiery Force

Hunter S. Thompson - X-mas in Woody Creek

Dan Fante
Mom at Eighty Seven

ruth weiss - TRAIN -SONG for Jack Micheline

A.D. Winans - Watching Miles Davis play at the Blackhawk

Wanda Coleman - Blind Cassandra

Lyn Lifshin - cigarette burns

F.N. Wright - Benzaiten

Mike Daily - Here's to Dignity

Thurston Moore
History of punk in prose pt 2
sleeping pill

Connie Fox - The last petal

Brook Dalton - Defense Mechanism

Holly Day - X