X-Ray Projects

Tom Waits
True Confessions
Seeds on Hard Ground

Charles Bukowski FotoProject

POOP Box By Charles Bukowski/Montfort

X-Ray Spare Parts 10 years of Ephemera and Salvage

Get the entire 2005 Series!

It's a magazine .. in a bag...

Instructions for Redemption
Mark Faigenbaum

Misc Design projects by
Johnny Brewton

Tom Waits

Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards

Rugs During Wartime and Peacetime
Mark Mothersbaugh Exhibition catalog

Mark Mothersbaugh Card sets
Happy Cards, 1,2 & 3
Beautiful Mutants Cards Vo.1

In Search of Yage
A William S. Burroughs Pictorial

The Strangest One of All
Barry Gifford

Sniffing Keyholes
Harold Norse

Mooseheart Faith
7" record sleeve and label

Bluegrass Festival
save the dates card

Hunter S. Thompson

Stationery - Envelope and letterhead

many more to come + images...